Nicholas Cho

A serial entrepreneur from a very young age, the saying, “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” is a true reflection of Nicholas’ life’s motto, and very aptly so.

Running successful businesses in fashion, automotive, social media and, in recent years, real estate, you will come to find out that Nicholas is in the very industries that he has deep-seated passion for.

Providing value has always been his personal mantra and putting client’s interests first is his priority, especially in real estate as he believes that in Singapore, everyone has an equal chance to leverage on real estate as a starting platform and leapfrog into financial freedom.

An avid investor himself, Nicholas’ wish is to impart his knowledge to clients who are just embarking on their real estate journey, and share with them mistakes that can be avoided through hundreds of case studies that weconsult have successfully assisted.

During the interview of his Spirit Of Enterprise Award Ceremony, Nicholas’ takeaway for everyone “ If I say I am here to provide a solution, and even if the solution was to go to my competitor, I have done my job. “

“Being part of the weconsult team is not only an honor but also the recognition that reflects the high standard of advisors on board that make us reliable, credible and most importantly, making sure we have your interests at heart.” – Nicholas Cho aka That Tiktok Agent