Jolene Yang

Jolene started off her career as a music teacher, teaching her students music theory and classical guitar for 6 years before joining real estate. Being an explorer, she have met countless people within her network and experienced various industries of trade, the prominent two namely, real estate and insurance. She found real estate to be more of an advisory perspective, consisting of different flexible variables and it attracted her interest in real estate, helping clients with their different goals and objectives to find their dream homes and achieve their long desired property portfolio.

She has been in the real estate industry for 7 years, and is presently upgrading her study in law and management, to further enhance her knowledge, and to implement the knowledge and improve her skills for the benefit of her clients.

Work aside, Jolene is a billiard hobbyist and a single mother of her special needs son. She likes to use her free time playing music, tea time with her kakis or writing useful articles for her blog at