Hsien Loong

Hsien Loong Wong started his career in investor relations in technology, biotechnology, mining and oil and gas. His has extensive experience in running of public companies. He is currently a director and the former CEO in a publicly traded company; FingerMotion Inc. He was also CEO of Nexgen Petroleum Corp, an oil and gas exploration company in Tennessee USA. Since 2008, Mr Wong established a career in Singapore primarily in Real Estate and logistics.

As a consultant, he has already successfully help over 50 different families transition and find their new homes. He takes a pragmatic approach when it comes to the advisory process; by constantly keeping the set goals in sight. His unique ability to spot market gaps in the new launch market as well as his excellent grasp of the government transformation map makes him the perfect advisor for any real estate purchase in Singapore.

In his free time, Hsien Loong serves as director to Food Bank Singapore, a registered charity. He also serves in 2 sub-committee the National University Singapore Society (NUSS).

Mr Wong received his BA (Hons) in Communications from Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada and his MSc in Real Estate from the National University of Singapore.