How About A Dream Home In Tengah, Anyone?

December 31, 2021

Has anyone asked you if you are willing to live in the latest car-lite town of Tengah Housing Estate? Say again? Tengah Housing Estate? I thought that Tengah is that “Ulu” (a local Singaporean colloquial for remote) place where for the male readers out there, you might have spent your National Service (NS) days training in those forested areas, or you could be thinking who will be the right mind to live in that housing estate where it is so far from major amenities like the city, schools, and MRT, among others.

How about if the latest Master Plan 2019 pointed that there could be an MRT line running through the estate, and has the necessary amenities like HDB shops, schools, and markets being planned for the estate, would these features be able to convince you to perhaps take some interest?

So, where is Tengah Housing Estate

Source: Extract from URA Master Plan 2019
Source: HDB website

As shown in the above two diagrams, Tengah Housing Estate is located along Bukit Batok Road, and the estate is flanked by two major expressways, namely the Pan Island Expressway (PIE), and the Kranji Expressway (KJE).

Moreover, the new housing estate is located near the Jurong Innovation District (JID), and the Jurong Lake District as shown by the following map from HDB website.

Source: HDB website

The following pictures were recent aerial photographs of the town taken on top of the one of the nearby HDB multi-storey car parks.

Picture 1: Front view of Plantation Grove (Source:
Picture 2: Left-hand side view of Tengah Housing Estate (Source:
Picture 3: Right-hand side view of Tengah Housing Estate (Source:

According to the HDB website, Tengah is slated to become Singapore’s first smart and sustainable town and will have several features which are said to rarely found in most HDB estates, including being a car-lite town, having direct access to nearby MRT stations, namely the upcoming Tengah Plantation, and Tengah Park MRT stations, smart energy management, smart lighting, automated waste collection, and much more.

How much capital am I looking at

Source: HDB website (November 2021 BTO launches)

The above table is an extract downloaded from the latest November 2021 Built-To-Order (BTO) exercise. Readers might note the fifth column to the right shows the selling prices (excluding grants), whereas the final or sixth column to the right shows the selling prices (including grants).

According to the HDB website, the overall application rates for both Parc Glen @ Tengah, and Parc Glen @ Tengah came in at 2.0 percent, with 829 applicants vying for the combined total of 409 units offered.

Moreover, at the end of the exercise on November 23, 2021, the elderly application rate came in at 1.0 percent, whereas for both first-, and second-timers, the application rates were on par at 0.3 percent.

A notable observation was also seen from the Singles with their application rate came in at 5.7 percent. Basically, to qualify for a HDB Resale flat, one must be a Single Singapore Citizen aged 35 years and above and are eligible to purchase resale flats or new flats which must not be greater than 2-room flexi units located in non-mature towns.

Incidentally, for the month of November 2021, the Singles, in particular, do not much choices, as they are neither eligible for the Rochor area flats under the Prime Location Public Housing (PLH) scheme nor the elderly-centric community care HDB flats located at Yew Tee.

What are the pros and cons living in Tengah Housing Estate

Sustainable living facilities are offered.Location is situated too far from town or amenities.
Car-lite, and conveniently accessible to MRT and bus-stops.Limited bus services as only Service numbers 160 and 180 are currently the only available bus services offered.
Near to major educational institutions like NTU, and business parks like the Jurong Innovation District.Uncertainties over the completion timelines due to ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions.                                                                                                                   

How best to determine if Tengah Housing Estate is the right town to be in

So, there you have it, we have basically summarised some of the location features, and the pros and cons in choosing to live in one of the newest HDB towns in Tengah.

If you, or family are not looking for a flat in the next one or two years, and you are prepared to wait for a few more years to enjoy the first of many firsts in the soon-to-be new neighbourhood, meet new friends, and/or seek of new employment opportunities, then Tengah Housing Estate could be one of best home choices to look into closely.

However, as in all property purchases, seniors and applicants would be much better served if you were to take a trip to Tengah Housing Estate to check out the place and find out if this latest town is worth looking at it seriously as your future dream home.

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